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My name is Varun. I write poetry. I was born in Chennai, India, and currently reside in Pittsburgh. I work as a technical writer, and I enjoy reading, classical music, swimming, and playing the viola.


If you have questions, comments, suggestions, book recommendations, coding tips, quotations, maps, facts, hymns and/or odes to the viola; or the hybridity of two or three or several of these, feel free to contact me at: rooney.ravindran@gmail.com


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Here are some poems of mine that have been published:​

☙ "First Morning in Roslin" in The Adroit Journal, Issue 21.

☙ "Fugato" in FOLIO, Volume 32.

☙ "Pillow Talk" in Pleiades, Volume 38.1.

☙ "Melville at the Customs House" in Notre Dame Review, Issue 45.

☙ "Pulse" in Notre Dame Review, Issue 45.

☙ "Selfie with Poem" in cream city review, Issue 42.1.

☙ "'La route chante...'" in West Branch, Volume 87.

☙ "Schubert's Cello Quintet" in Tinderbox Poetry, Volume 5.3. 

☙ "Schubert's Moments Musicaux No. 2" in Radar Poetry , Issue 21. 

☙ "Schubert's Piano Sonata in B-flat" in Prelude (forthcoming).

"Two-Part Invention for One Voice" in Prelude.

☙ "Gerard Manley Hopkins Drafts the Light" in The Kenyon Review Online.

☙ "At Road's End, Lincoln City, Oregon" in The Kenyon Review Online.

☙ "Counter-Pastoral: Sibelius' Fifth Symphony" in The Denver Quarterly (forthcoming)

"The City Opposite Nineveh" in The Massachusetts Review (forthcoming)


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☙ An essay I wrote on the poems of G.C. Waldrep, for The Operating System Press.