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My name is Varun. I write poetry. I was born in Chennai, India, and currently reside in Pittsburgh. I work as a technical writer, and I enjoy reading, classical music, swimming, and playing the viola.


If you have questions, comments, suggestions, book recommendations, coding tips, quotations, maps, facts, hymns and/or odes to the viola; or the hybridity of two or three or several of these, feel free to contact me at: rooney.ravindran@gmail.com


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Here are some poems of mine that have been published:​

☙ "First Morning in Roslin" in The Adroit Journal, Issue 21.

☙ "Fugato" in FOLIO, Volume 32.

☙ "Pillow Talk" in Pleiades, Volume 38.1.

☙ "Melville at the Customs House" in Notre Dame Review, Issue 45.

☙ "Pulse" in Notre Dame Review, Issue 45.

☙ "Selfie with Poem" in cream city review, Issue 42.1.

☙ "'La route chante...'" in West Branch, Volume 87. This poem is dedicated to Lhasa de Sela, one of my favorite musicians. The title of the poem comes from the first verse of the song "La Marée Haute" by Lhasa, from her album The Living Road. The song is in French; the first verse is:


La route chante

Quand je m'en vais

Je fais trois pas....

La route se tait. 


Translated, this verse runs:


The road sings

When I go

I take three steps...

The road is silent. 


Translations of the whole song can be found here.

☙ "Schubert's Cello Quintet" in Tinderbox Poetry, Volume 5.3. This poem was inspired by the incredible string quintet of Franz Schubert. More specifically, the poem refers to the middle part of the quintet's first movement (the "development section," to use a technical term), where one of the cellos and the viola sing a quiet, gorgeous melody to which one of the violins adds its own marginalia.

☙ "Schubert's Moments Musicaux No. 2" in Radar Poetry , Issue 21. This poem was inspired by the second of Franz Schubert's Moments musicaux. You can listen to the piece at the link above, where you can also find the poem being read by my good friend Mike Good. All six Moments musicaux can be listened to here

☙ "Schubert's Piano Sonata in B-flat" in Prelude (forthcoming).

"Two-Part Invention for One Voice" in Prelude.

☙ "Gerard Manley Hopkins Drafts the Light" in The Kenyon Review Online.

☙ "At Road's End, Lincoln City, Oregon" in The Kenyon Review Online.


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☙ An essay I wrote on the poems of G.C. Waldrep, for The Operating System Press.